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The professionalization and refinement of short videos will be further strengthened


◆ Leap from grassroots creation to specialization and refinement.

◆成为一种独具特色的网络视听节目形态和重要的 舆论宣传、知识传播和文化建设载体。

Becoming a unique form of online audio-visual programs and an important carrier for public opinion promotion, knowledge dissemination, and cultural construction.


Short videos are mutually empowered with mainstream broadcasting and television media, making them the main track for the deep integration and development of broadcasting and television media.


The comprehensive entry of mainstream media will further drive the transformation and upgrading of short videos from pan entertainment to mainstream, professional, and value oriented.



Five Major Trends in the Short Video Industry in 2024


The enthusiasm of 2 users to participate in creative activities will be further enhanced


The scale of short video users continues to grow.


Short videos have become a popular application due to their long usage time being reversed from ultra long videos.


Short videos have profoundly changed users' media usage habits.


People are accustomed to big data push and immersed in "browsing short videos". The enthusiasm of users to participate in creation continues to increase, and the professional creator group continues to grow.


The ecological layout and diversified development of the three platforms will be further accelerated


The growth rate of users has slowed down.


The platform has shifted from traffic competition to value competition.


Various platforms are gradually evolving from a single short video content and social media platform to an online comprehensive digital community, where users can achieve various demands such as leisure entertainment, e-commerce shopping, life services, and knowledge learning on short video platforms.


The integration of short videos with various industries continues to deepen


Expand localized lifestyle services. Some short video platforms have already covered the whole country in their life service business, bringing users a new local life experience of "watching, clicking, and reaching".


Actively serve rural revitalization. Various platforms have launched new models such as "short videos+agricultural assistance" to expand sales channels for agricultural products and empower rural revitalization.


Assist in the development of the cultural and tourism industry. Short videos have become a powerful tool for tourism promotion and marketing, providing a huge driving force for the development of the cultural and tourism industry.


5 proactive development policies and effective governance mechanisms will be synergistically promoted and continuously optimized


The era of short videos has arrived, which will comprehensively, deeply, and persistently affect the economy, society, and people's lives, becoming an important cultural force in promoting the construction of a strong country and national rejuvenation. Positive policies and effective governance are like two wheels of a car and two wings of a bird, working together to promote the high-quality development of short videos.


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